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T-Tape Drip Tape

T-Tape Drip Tape

One of the most recognized and trusted drip tape brands in the world, T-Tape Drip Tape is used in a variety of crops around the world to help reduce water consumption, increase crop quality, and increase crop yields. T-Tape Drip Tape can be installed on the ground, under plastic, or even subsurface. Because of T-Tape’s material strength, design, and quality production standards, it’s the drip tape that you can count on year after year.



  • Surface
  • Under Mulch (buried)
  • Subsurface

5/8″ : Minimum tilled soils, double cropping, heavier tilled soils, or where more resistance to abrasion and insect damage is desired. Used in peppers, tomatoes, melons and vegetable crops.
US specification

Product Information Operating Data
Flow Rate*
(gpm /100 ft)
Rate *(gph)
Rate Class
Rec. Filtration Max. Op.
Pressure (psi)
Max. Flush
Pressure (psi)
Max .Length
of Run** (ft)
(mesh) (micron)
5/8 4 1.00 0.20 Med. 150 100 15 18 285

Metric Specification

Emitter Spacing Flow Rate Roll Length
(cm) (lph / 100m) (m)
10 750  2300