Previter is a systemic fungicide indicated for the defence of numerous cultures in the fight against the following ficomiceti ( fungal diseases ): Pythium spp., Phytophthora sp., Peronospora, Pseudoperonospora, Aphanomices sp., Bremia.

It is absorbed prevalently by the roots and then  traslocatetd in the leaves , carachterised by a long and complete protection and high selectivity on the cultures showing , on them , a stimulation  in confrontation of the roots and on the vegetative development . The product has the carachteristic to be used in numerous techniques such as : fogliar treatments , seed dressing ,  bulb and cuttings dressing , disinfection of the compost and seeding beds , treatment to the soil in pre and post transplant of the cultures. 

!This is only a guide please read the product label, before any treatment

  Safety period*        Safety period*            Safety period*         
Culture 3 7 14 20 Culture 3 7 14 20 o Culture 3 7 14 20 o
Apple       Rochet         Pepper        
Pear       Black mustard         Bruxells sprouts        
Citrus (exluding orange)       Spinach         Chinese cabbage        
Onion       Parsley         Golf courses         n.s
Tomato       Basil         Lawns         n.s
Eggplant       Tobacco         Ornamental lawns         n.s
Zucchini       Flower & ornamental         Lettuce (greenhouse)        
Cucumber       Pumpkin                    
Melon       Broccoli                    
Watermelon       Cabbage                    
Cauiflower       Lettuce (open field)                    
Black cauliflower       Cress                    
English cress       Dolcetta                    


* - days
o - other
n.s - not specified