Ranman Top

Ranman Top

RANMAN TOP is a fungicide that presents an excellent activity in the confrontation of fungi of the Oomycetes class, in particular mode against Peronospora (Phytophthora infestans and Pseudoperonospora cubensis). It makes a protective action and so must be applied before the attack of the disease . According to the pressure of the disease it assures a good control for periods of 7-10 days from the treatment .

Thanks to its selectivity in confrontation of bees, of predatory insects and mites or parasitoids of harmful organisms, RANMAN TOP can be used in programmes of integrated pest management.

Available in: 50ml - 500ml - 2000ml

!This is only as a guide please read the product label, before any treatment

  Safety period*    Safety period*   
Culture 3 7 Culture 3 7
Potato   Zucchini  
Tomato   Pumpkin  
Cucumber   Melon  
Mini cucumber   Watermelon  

* in days